Welcome to my notes

Hello and welcome,

I am very excited to start this blog at very interesting chapter of my life.

I encourage you to go the about page to learn a little bit about me. I try to be minimalist in everything I do, so I made sure that it would not take you more than two minutes to read my introduction.

Now that that’s done, let me share with you why I started this blog and what you can expect from it.

Early this year,  I had a list of new year resolutions like a lot of you. By “list” I don’t mean a paper with bullet points but I mentally held a few things that I wanted to do.
One of those things was to read two books a month. Not more, not less, just two books.

I used to read a lot as a hobby in High School.
In my college years, I read because of a necessity but reading was never something I did as a hobby again.
So this year, my decision was to immerse myself into books not because of a compelling reason but for the mere enjoyment of it.

My first book was “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill.
The tale of why this was the first book is for another day.
As I embarked on this new Journey, I started noticing a change in my thinking pattern, my ambitions, motivations, etc. In one word, I was becoming a different person, the person I needed to be in order to achieve my life’s goals.

This realization was honestly an accident. I was discussing several different topics with a group of friends when I became aware that I did not think the way I used to and my thoughts changed my speech. My friends noticed it too.

After a few months, I started gathering my thoughts and portions of books in an Evernote notebook, and started sharing with a few people who encouraged me to expand my audience and share what they thought would be valuable to others.

Another month or two later, I created this blog to do just that.
Here on JP’s notes (JP are my initials by the way), I will share my thoughts about different topics mainly around success, business and leadership.

My hope is that this blog will inspire you. Not motivate but INSPIRE YOU.



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