My name is Jean-Manasse Pouabou.
I have been called Jean, JM, Jean-Manasse, Manasse or just JP. So call me JP.

I am originally from Brazzaville, Republic of Congo, a small country of roughly four million people in Central Africa.
I have had the privilege to leave in a few countries including South Africa and Australia before I moved to Canada about 5 years ago.

I am 25 and married to a lovely lady by the name of Angelica.

I aspire to be an business owner, writer and inspirational speaker.

  • Business Owner – I have always been tempted to try out different ideas and eventually lend of one I can build a business around in an industry of my passion : Technology.
  • Writer – Growing up, I was always told to further my studies in Literature and arts because, according to some, I was more inclined to literature than science. I refused to follow that advise and went into Computer technologies instead. Still, I have a soft spot for writing and it’s only recently that I have picked up my pen again and have embarked on a journey to write my first book.
  • Inspirational Speaker – I do not mean any offence but I am not a big fan of motivational speakers. I haveĀ been motivated a lot of times in my life but the most impactful moments were inspiring not motivating.
    I seek to inspire others the way that I have been inspired. I have been humbled to hear that I have inspired a few people in my little social circle. I hope I can grow that circle and include you as well.

That’s all folks.